This looked a bit unwieldy for flagging, so I'm posting this here instead. I've looked through several of the dual-boot questions, trying to find ones that looked like duplicates. I have found several that might be candidates for merging. These are potentially useful because they deal with the current version of Windows, and it seems like this might be a popular topic for new questions centered around 11.04. (Now, I'm assuming that 10.x or 11.04 doesn't make much of a difference for dual-booting.)

Possible merge candidates?

[dual-boot] windows7 and Ubuntu (same drive)

Installing Ubuntu 10.10 / Windows 7 dual boot confusion

How to avoid problems when installing Ubuntu and Windows 7 in dual-boot?

What is the proper way to Windows 7/Ubuntu 10.10 Dual-Triple Boot Partitioning for Laptop OEM?

Unable to dual-boot Windows 7 and Kubuntu 10.10

Installing Windows 7 on a Ubuntu 10.10 System

questions about dual-boot install Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows 7 on same hard drive

[dual-boot] two separate hard drives

2 hard drives / HD1: UBuntu HD2: Win7. best practice isolated os's for dual boot

Windows 7 can't boot with Ubuntu on different hard drive

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