There's a question Why is Ubuntu named Ubuntu? which has a possible duplicate banner. It's a possible duplicate of the question What does "Ubuntu" mean?, which itself is a duplicate of the first question.

This doesn't make any sense. I think there are more instances of this both end duplicacy. Why don't you guys form a little team and cross-check and tally all linked questions to remove such things?

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"which itself is a duplicate of the first question."

No, it is not? It has a comment about the 1st topic that is all. What does "Ubuntu" mean? is the to go question about the meaning of Ubuntu. But is not marked as a duplicate; it is just a "protected" question.

As with all comments, if they are obsolete (as in this case) - just flag and one of your friendly mod/janitors will tidy up - as has been done in this case.

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