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I served in the FLARNG (Florida Army National Guard) for 9.5 years during which time I was exposed to Unix (Sun Microsystems/Solaris) OS. During my time in the military, I was able to dabble with Red Hat Linux (outdated versions) before upgrading to Fedora Core 4. I was able to upgrade to Fedora Core 5 for a couple months until my old laptop gave its last breath. After that I was Windows all the way until Widows 8.1 came out. With Windows 10, I said enough is enough, I am going back to Linux. So, September 1, 2019, I installed Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS on my system. I will be installing Linux on my netbook once I figure out what which flavor. I will probably instal Lubuntu or Xubuntu, but right now not really sure.

I am here to learn and screw up my system so that I can know more about Ubuntu. As for as occupation, I am currently unemployed due to health reasons. As for as education, I have a BS in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science (6 classes shy of a BS in Java Programming, I hate getting sick).

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