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Preferred pronouns he/him/his/himself if you're wondering (or 'e/'im/'is/'imself), or you can use singular "they". Being a native speaker of Finno-Ugric language, which do not separate gender in pronouns, I am kind of deaf to the gendered pronouns anyway.

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management who has worked in various software projects over a decade. Has worked as a software engineer for both multinational corporations and small private companies. A self-proclaimed guru, has gained a good understanding of various aspects and levels of software engineering, project management, SW product development and leadership tasks.

Nowadays I'm mostly involved in bootstrapping, designing, writing new information system products/projects - preferably in Python if I have a say; not shying away from data engineering either.

I've also worked with in operating system kernels and system-level simulations, social networking sites, MS-DOS games, multi-user games, GUIs, 3D sound, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts and a CAD for designing railway signalling interlockings.

Expert in Python, C, C++, Java, JS/ES/AS/TS, x86 assembler.

I've written Pascal, Basic, Perl5, PHP, LPC, Kotlin, Basics etc quite a lot too.

Scheme, CL, Ruby, Forth, Prolog, C#, Perl6, Erlang, Haskell, Objective-C, ARMv6 and 6502 assemblers: I've played with them but I've never done almost anything useful in these languages.

Where I am at home: Python. Linux. AWS. Did I mention Python?

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