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I am a child of 1980s and an IT autodidact since the early 1990s.

I started with Pascal programming under DOS to make my gamer life easier (i.e. to crack savegames and such). In high school I experimented with simple graphics to understand geometry and calculus. I became a Windows power user in the late 1990s. My plan was to become a doctor augmented by IT.

In the early 2000s I became a Windows NT network administrator in my medical university campus. I also became proficient with VBA and made early attempts at automation of the work of the doctors with VBA-boosted documentation templates. I also made myself busy inventing and implementing tools to facilitate my studies. In the meantime I transitioned the network in the campus from Windows NT to Slackware based Samba domain with all bells and whistles. I also made the network run smoothly for ~ 100 users on a 1Mbit connection.

Due to unfortunate events I had to leave medical studies to pursue the career in IT to support myself around 2006. My main motivator then was learning new stuff. Without this kind of challenge simply earning money have been quickly becoming boring and I had to change jobs.

My (first) opus vitae was in Polish corporation which serviced a POS system at a grocery network. After I automated my primary tasks I started to redesign the software we produced from a zipfile "version control" and "distribution" first to a subversion then to self-made continuous integration and then to self-made continuous delivery. I based everything on Debian package management system (plus of course then most-popular subversion). Finished in mid 2014, my architecture is still working smoothly.

From there I went into Bitcoin with a position of a BOfH at a big BTC mine (15k miners, ~ 9 blocks a day in 2015). After helping in moving the facilities to Venezuela, I came back to working as a web developer in Symfony 3 and up. Among the projects I involved myself with was Telemedi.co.

I love DRY and KISS. I strive for brevity, reusability and efficiency. I make backups and I know I was hacked.

I am drawn toward Data Science and ML/AI. Having real-life problems to solve (and/or a mentor) would help me direct my learning path. I've been seeking transition to the above or Tech-Lead positions, preferably allowing digital nomad lifestyle

Out of work I like to take care of plants and pets (mainly cats). I participate in cannabis culture as a member of societies for protection of cannabis patients and support them with my IT skills.

I am ecologically skewed in the direction of sustainability, off-grid living, water conservation, permacultures and such. I like biking and hiking. I am building my own RV (out of an old VW T4).

I speak Polish, English and Spanish fluently, Russian... eh somewhat, and I'm learning Arabic.

I play with Raspberry Pi and a 3d printer.

I'm a fan of Tesla and SpaceX and despise Jeff Who.

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