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In 1999 I joined the USAF. I served faithfully across three duty stations and four tours until 2014 (15 years) when I was separated and am now a disabled veteran. I am married to the most amazing woman, have been since 2001, and we have two children, x and y. x identifies as a mermaid and y as a know-it-all. We are the greatest family ever! Happy even.

In 2019 we finally bought our forever home. A roomy, comfortable farm house with a large back yard, a small chicken coop, and tons of trees, open fields and fresh air. We love it out in the country. It is something we all cherish.

In May of 2019 I received my Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology from the local community college and am currently learning Python to become a Web Developer. Due to my disability this is slow-going, but I am determined. I hope to be off of disability in the coming years and back into the work force. Until I can get my spine repaired this is unlikely, but I am hopeful, and if it happens I want to be ready to return to the work force prepared. If I can't return to the work force I want to earn some type of income that is allowed by my doctors and the VA. I may not be able to do much, but I want to do something. I may as well learn.

I am a Nintendo fan. Specifically the lore of Metroid and The Legend of Zelda. To me, Metroid Prime [Trilogy] is one of the greatest things to ever grace our universe; Retro Studios, I love you. I am also a Windows user for gaming purposes and enjoy gaming on PC (not as much as I used to, but I manage time to play here and there), Xbox One X, and Nintendo Switch. No Playstation for me, lost interest after the PS3. Although I use Windows 10 Pro x64, my main OS is Fedora x64.

I love Linux. I also love the Debian build Parrot Security and run it on an old A10 Dell Inspiron. Before my disability I gamed any chance I earned, but those days are behind me. I dabble in some 1st party titles on Nintendo and Microsoft and enjoy the occasional RPG (Xenoblade Chronicles, Monster Hunter, Diablo III [Seasons], to name a few). I am ninja. I love cats. I love dogs. And we even have two guinea pigs. Thea and Cookie. They are cute as a button, and my, you should hear them purr. Adorbs!

TL;DR: 15 year disabled veteran, love Nintendo, specifically Metroid and Zelda. Xbox One X and PC gamer (when I can), no PS-anything. Love my wife, my two kids and the [outdoor] country where we live. Game on Windows, do everything else on Fedora. Love Linux, cats, dogs, and [our] guinea pigs. I am ninja. Earned AAS in Information Technology with a dozen or so certifications and working to be a web developer in hopes I can do something in a few years when my disability allows. Metroid FTW. God bless, America.

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