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Roger Davis
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  • Whittier, CA
  • Studied at University of Aridzone, several computer based classes. Was great at Fortran, Autocoder not so good, terrible at direct machine language and Assembly languages. Wrote all for use on IBM 650, latest and greatest at the time. Still have a box full of punch cards, including a design program for high performance two-stroke engine racing exhaust dimensions.
  • First computer - TI-99 4A - learned basic programming, wrote modem BBS program "99BBS" as fairware, was used in Europe and Australia, my own system was accessed from all over the world. I can still find listings of this one on the internet.
  • When activity of TI-00 4A declined after discontinuation, I switched to an IBM clone system, on Wildcat BBS software, running a match-making system (can't remember the name of this one), which ran for a couple-three years.
  • At this time, job activity began to eat most of my time, long hours and lots of travel.
  • I began to use Ubuntu out of curiosity, eventually transitioning to it over a few years. However, due to the rote memorization of Harry Potter like phrases, I never dug into it as deeply. Use it or lose it is true, I have regressed ever since despite Ubuntu improving toward more logical methods.
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