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Are bug reports suitable for this site?
25 votes

Questions that are simply problem reports are not suitable for Ubuntu Stack Exchange. Launchpad is the place to report bugs, its where developers are monitoring for such things, and is more suited ...

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How should new users be pointed to duplicate questions?
Accepted answer
9 votes

I'm pretty sure the closure text reads something along the lines of "closed as an exact duplicate of http://url/to/proper/question". Copying answers is unnecessary duplication of content. Feel free ...

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What ubuntu versions are covered?
8 votes

We should cover all packages in the Ubuntu main, restricted, and universe repositories. This includes all Ubuntu variants. This way we don't have to worry about whether, for example, a Qt-based ...

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Launchpad Single Sign On
4 votes

Launchpad's OpenID auth works a little like Google's implementation, insofar as you don't enter your Launchpad username on the client site, but instead the Launchpad Login Service returns a username. ...

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Why do some questions have "community wiki" over the user's name?
4 votes

According to the StackOverflow FAQ: Community Wiki posts work by transferring ownership of the post from the original author to the community. They make the post easier to edit and maintain by a ...

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selecting answers on community wikis
1 votes

I think its fine as-is. It's perfectly acceptable for a community wiki question to have one right answer.

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How should we determine who will moderate?
0 votes

I believe we should hold elections, where we solicit self-nominees and vote as per the standard upvote/downvote mechanism on the site. The post will be marked community wiki, so that votes will not ...

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