Gypsy Spellweaver

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Ancient computer nerd who likes digging and learning. Cut my teeth on UNIVAC-timeshare and was 'hooked' for life. Useful results, if any, are secondary to the fun.

First home computer: 1984 home-built IBM-PC/XT 8086, 640KB RAM, MS-DOS 1.25, Dual 5-¼ Floppy, 20MB HDD, Hercules Graphics.

First programming contract: 1986, Borland Turbo Pascal, Cotton gin product tracking (seed to graded bale)

Current main OS: Leap 15.0

Favorite Languages: Pascal, HTML/CSS/JS, Fortran, Perl, Shell script(Bash mostly), PHP

Favorite Hobbies: Learning, Computers, Reading

Fan of Rusty

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