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I am a registered nurse and have been using Linux at home exclusively for about 3 years now. Unfortunately, the health care world still hasn't seen the benefits that Linux has to offer on the desktop (one day I hope to change that ;). I love the freedom and enjoy experimenting with different distros, mainly Ubuntu and Opensuse but I have played with Arch and Gentoo as well. I like the "eyecandy" of Gnome, Unity, and KDE so I usually stick to those environments, sometimes I play with E17 and Cinnamon just to get a feel for it.

Currently I have several projects going, including building a server piece by piece, as funds allow (nurses don't make what you think we do). It will be a multipurpose server, hosting a media and home automation environment (possibly with Linux MCE/Pluto) as well as virtual environments for various *Nix systems and (yuck) Winblows. I am also trying to learn some coding; HTML5, CSS, Python, and Ruby on Rails...any hints would be appreciated!

Personal information: I am a sci-fi FREAK, my favorite books are the DUNE novels by Franklin Herbert and his son. I have a mini-pincer (a dog) named Ota, short for Otakta which is Souix for "kills many."

Peace, Love, and Ubuntu to all.

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