Sascha Biermanns

I'm a buddhist, speak German and English (and a little, little, little bit of Esperanto). Fighting fantasy books are my addiction and love, no, animals - they are my hughest source of joy. Also, Talisman, a tabletop game is something I like very much and play it as often as possible (means rarely). I like programming for joy in different languages (Lisp, C, PEARL (no - not PERL), Python, Prolog, Logo) and read phantastic or classical books for entertainment, but much more often I read programming books and listen to podcasts. I don't watch Hollywood crap or american televison serials, sorry, I enjoy more european productions, african, indian or asian stuff. Most beloved are (just to name some) Doctor Who, Spooks, Meitantei Conan, School Rumble (I prefer romantic comedy animes - dunno - maybe I'm gay? :)) As computer games, I prefer games without shooting, blood, etc., stuff like Palapelli or (most beloved) textadventures (I own nearly all of the Infocom Stuff - but my oldest one is The Hobbit (and The Mask of the Sun)).

I used nearly 10 years SuSE, 2 years Fedora - struggled in search for an OS and did Archlinux for a few years. Now that my time runs short, I stopped running bleeding edge OS. I prefer now - the out of the box and runs solution - and that means, I run Ubuntu. Indeed, it's 12.04 I'm running on my PC, and joined the Ubuntu community. You can find me here:

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