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How to handle users that ask a question, and never come back?
10 votes

I agree, this site does seem to have a lot of that. At least, it seems like it happens here more than on some of the other StackExchange sites. Users come on in, ask a question, get their answer, ...

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Ten tips to handle your question in the worst possible way
8 votes

When you do solve your problem, don't forget to answer your own question yourself, providing nothing more than a basic summary of the already submitted answers. And don't forget to "Accept!"

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Biased votes at answers
4 votes

Well Nick, here's a case of the opposite happening. Cant see databases of mysql from command prompt in ubuntu 12.04 The question was asked, and I provided an answer. Then a newbie user comes along ...

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How do I merge two accounts?
3 votes

Can you still access your older account? If so, head to the "Merge User Profiles" page, and follow the instructions. If that doesn't work, you can submit this request to Stack Exchange from this ...

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What to do with answers posted as comments?
2 votes

I really think "Community-Wiki" should be saved for the gospel, set-in-stone, this-is-how-you-do-it answers (like this work of art: How do I install the Nvidia drivers?). I really don't think it was ...

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Chat with an expert feature!
2 votes

For someone who was in "Office Space," she really isn't very helpful.

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