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Full Stack Developer with close to 4 years of experience in designing scalable systems. Over the years, I have gained expertise in analysis, designing, delivering, development, integration and migration of complex systems. I have successfully excelled in architecting, providing solutions in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, NodeJS, Angular, Solr, Blockchain with extensive experience in managing, developing and supporting web-based products throughout their lifecycle.

These years working on several technologies enabled me with experience in comparing and selecting the best fit technology for the given business problem at hand.

My key differentiators are an in-depth techno-business understanding and acumen, effective decision making, powerful stakeholder management competencies, aggressive approach towards resource development, cost/operational efficiencies and productivity and well-balanced people management skills.

With a strong clarity of purpose and objective analytical approach, I have gained an exceptionally consistent and committed track-record of excelling in all assignments undertaken. Driven by strong personal values of honesty, integrity & sincerity, I can perform in demanding work environments utilizing strong work ethics. People’s person, strong & effective communicator, analytical, organized & detail-oriented, able to prioritize and delegate tasks effectively to ensure successful execution.

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