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Lee McKusick

Thanks for looking. I am the author of "www.lowco2america.com". I am an amateur transportation and social change scientist. As of August 2019 no visitor to this blog has posted a substantial comment or discussion regarding my proposals. I think the reason for no comments is related to the very short attention span people employ when using the Internet. A second reason is the main search engine emphasizes new web postings over older web posts.

Fourty one years ago, I studied the Los Angeles public transit system, I self published a 60 page typed spirit duplicator "Busbook 1" followed by a "Busbook 2" which was distinguished by a very puzzling difficult null result. Null in the sense of the Socratic dialogue Meno which ends with the statement "I know that I do not know..."

The blog named above is my current writing. I am presently ironing out the bugs in a four station atmospheric carbon dioxide measuring network using proprietary sensors and RaspberryPi computers. The hardware is described in a previous blog "https://lessco2essay.blogspot.com/2016/02/parts-list-for-raspberrypi-co2-logger.html"

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  • South of San Francisco near that big radome (golfball shaped dome) visible from Hwy 1.
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