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I have a pretty good sense of quality.

I was one of the moderators of now, sadly, defunct comp.lang.c++.moderated Usenet group. I was awarded MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) in Visual C++ for 2012. I was about the 75th recipient of the C++ gold badge here on Stack Overflow.

My contributions to the C++ FAQ are numerous, but I think my main contribution is the FAQ item about dynamic binding during initialization, DBDI, "Okay, but is there a way to simulate that behavior as if dynamic binding worked on the this object within my base class's constructor?". The text is Marshall Cline’s, not my original proposal. But I convinced him, through a lengthy e-mail discussion, to include that item, so I think of it as “my” FAQ item…

I’m sometimes present in the C++ lounge chat room here on Stack Overflow.

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