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I know 6 verbal languages and 4-ish programming languages (Go, JavaScript, Python, and Bash), plus SQL, HTML, and CSS. Some JS frameworks I've used include Node, jQuery, Backbone, Mithril, Angular, and React.

My best language is JavaScript/Node, and I do a lot of personal programming in Go. I like JavaScript/Node because it's like reading and writing a book, which is my favorite and IMO the most important part of programming. I use Go when I want something insanely fast.

I haven't gotten around to learning C or C++ because I haven't found a good enough reason to warrant the time and effort needed to write a program in C++ when I can use Node or Go. It's like if C++ is a Bugatti and Go is a Mercedes, yeah the Bugatti is faster but I'd rather get the Mercedes for 1/5 of the price. -EDIT- Technically, a Mercedes is only 1/200 of the price, which doesn't fit the analogy, but is 12% slower, which does fit the analogy.

Linux is my preferred environment, but I like and use Mac and Windows too. I mainly use Arch Linux, but I use Ubuntu in some environments.

I switch back and forth from Bash and ZSH because I can't decide on one.

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