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My first programming experience was a trial-by-fire adventure. It wasn't a "Hello World" application but a full-fledged, web-based learning management system. This exposure galvanized my career choice and prepared me to face a myriad of challenges head-on. My unconventional start continues to yield tangible successes in nearly every discipline I touch, whether on the technical, operational, or business level.

Since then, I've been on a mission to make technology work seamlessly and feel invisible. I have delivered this continued success with a daily, sleeves-rolled-up approach. Whenever my superiors need their most complex projects to be built and flawlessly delivered, they ask my team. I keep a good rapport with my colleges and managers so that working as a team is flawless. Their confidence in me has enabled me to be at the forefront of the engineering and design efforts necessary to bring applications from 0 to over 600k users.

Building projects of this quality becomes a craft. The concepts I've worked to develop, discover, and distill have worked so well that they have been featured on the droidcon blog, home of Europe's foremost Android conference.

Whether my work is published on a prominent blog or neatly packed inside of some back-end service, I ensure that I conduct each of these projects with my full measure of integrity. This trait is essential in delivering healthy projects on time, and it sets the good projects apart from the great ones.

Prominent Skills: Android, Kotlin, Gradle, Azure Media Services, Azure Functions, Cloudflare Workers, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, All Forms of Communication, Videography, Listening, Critical Thinking

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