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Will '' be an alternative for the 'ubuntu forums'?
20 votes

If you want to have a discussion, use forums. If you want to have a final answer, use AskUbuntu.

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Are there any plans for localized Ask Ubuntu instances?
12 votes

I think people are more frustrated by having problems they can't solve. When the asker speaks Danish and the guy who could write the best answer to that question speaks Turk, everybody loses. Having ...

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May we please have another font for the body text?
3 votes

Please report the bugs with the font on Launchpad. I'm against using anything else than the Ubuntu font on however, considered that on 10.10 the font is used basically everywhere.

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Why do I need to deal with Captcha while logged in?
1 votes

I can reproduce having to insert captcha while logged in. That's a rate limiting mechanism. I can't reproduce the consistent failures you are facing. Is it due to problems in typing in the correct ...

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Launchpad Single Sign On
0 votes

Here's how to form the OpenID url:

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