Retired in 2007 from National Radio Astronomy Observatory where I was a Technical Specialist responsible for the Servo Systems that point & track 27, 82 foot diameter, large Radiotelescopes.

I have over 46 years of professional electronics experience starting in the 1960s when I worked for Rockwell International on the Apollo Moon rockets before joining the US Air Force as an Airborne Radar Technician.

After moving to New Mexico in 1979 I went to work for E G & G Special Projects where I was involved in the study of various classified systems/subsystems & their response to EMP fields generated by exo-atmospheric explosions of nuclear weapons. I traveled the USA, Europe, & Africa to conduct experiments to verify the systems were "hardened".

I eventually made my way to the famous/infamous Area 51 in support of these duties.....and no, I did not meet the "aliens" rumored to be there.

For Christmas of 2007 I bought myself a new computer that came with Win Vista unfortunately. After struggling with it for 8 months or so, and finally having it get to the point where it wouldn't even boot anymore without the dreaded BSOD, I wiped it clean & installed Ubuntu Linux. It has been problem free ever since.

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