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I've been using both Ubuntu and Linux Mint since April 2013. I may not know too much in general about GNU/Linux at the time of writing this, but I learn more everyday.

I'm a long-time Windows nerd, growing up with Windows 98, and learning other Windows versions as I go, even if it means doing so through Betas. However, my movement to GNU/Linux has been largely due to Microsoft's bad decision making strategies as of late. Ever since that long gap between the release of XP and Vista, I've found myself wondering "What were they thinking?"

Now, I've come to see them as a threat to the computer industry, itself. I've also learned just how restrictive Microsoft's licensing can be, allowing only a handful of PC's to run a certain license/copy of Windows (or many of Microsoft's other products), while using short-sighted "anti-piracy" DRM-oriented tactics to enforce this, often at the frustration and expense of their own paying customers.

As we all know Linux distros like Ubuntu are different, in that they are meant to be free, and not just to use... free to distribute, study, and modify, allowing it's users to use the software to its maximum potential. That, I assume, is why the world's 10 fastest super computers run some form of Linux. Thanks, Torvalds, FSF, and Richard Stallman, for granting us the freedoms that Microsoft may never allow us to have....