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I am a mystic, a theologian, a photographer, a writer. I live off the grid in a borrowed camper heating with wood (even at -48⁰, though it's the heat that is hard), as the last reasonable choice after my multi-millionaire ex cleaned me out with lies so many I never knew where the next one would come from or how to protect myself from it, which left me more in debt than I have years left to ever climb out of. I'm not proud; I accept help and food bank handouts regularly. I'm not stupid, just autistic enough that I don't understand how people say what they don't mean and everyone understands them (not me) and they seem incapable of saying what they actually mean. I've worked as a Lutheran pastor, a commercial pilot (9 years flying pipeline patrol, over 10k hours), computer business owner when the internet was born. I remember being astounded that we could download a simple little file from Finland of all places in an ftp command screen! I've built a house from the plans to the finishing touches inside. I did lots of teaching of Excel, Simply Accounting, and Photography. The photo classes were my most loved, though teaching PowerPoint was a close 2nd as I urged the class to think about how they affected their audience. Years later a good friend was teaching post-grad classes using PowerPoint and doing everything I could have thought up. The students loved his classes because they engaged 'em at the heart level - in systematic theology and church history! I ski, hike, canoe, haul and prepare wood, and cobble and build to make it through another winter. Right now I'm in the middle of raising one set of solar panels up another 3 feet to get more sun, insulating between the wood stove shelter and the 14' borrowed camper so I lose less heat to gaps (gaping cold), and cobbling a better way to let the exhaust from the water heater heat up the last few feet of the water fill line so I can fill water through the winter and not have Carbon Monoxide in the camper. Small detail, big cost if it's not done right. Besides an MCSE for NT4, Product Specialist for Excel, I got honours at University, a full scholarship for a year in Germany, and an Master from Yale. But I'm old, so I get to talk about the past, since the present moves so fast and I move so slow through it. It's 25 km to supplies and the borrowed truck has broken down again. Thankfully I brought back a full water supply just before it blew a 'gasket.' Last time it took 2 weeks to bike to town (that only took one day) pick up the part that I had to buy on time, and get it installed. Same error. So I missed something the first time. Darn computers cannot tell you what really is wrong! Or it's the ECM (the computer in the truck!) Yep, Computers everywhere and they eventually bite ya. Least I have a lake nearby with loons, ducks, squirrels, and rabbits everywhere. Retirement means being tired again and again.

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Aug 20, 2022