Armand Bozsik


I am a student at the field of IT. I am mainly interested in cryptography. I am from Hungary. I am also interested in Ubuntu and other Linux-based software distributions too. I am committed to cutting edge (mostly open source and web based) software like WordPress. I really like programming in C# (maybe it is not common if you want to use Linux but I have learned that, and I think .net is a great platform to develop apps), but in the near future I will learn Java, so I hope my coding skills will be platform independent :D I like PHP, so in some ways it's true, but you know... always learning. :D

I really like any kind of literature, but I have to mention my favourite in polite literature is William Shakespeare. I also like sci-fi novels and fantasy.

My favourite movie is... well... LOTR. aaaand Minority Report, and a lot more, so I cannot decide :D