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How do I add images to posts?
Accepted answer
9 votes

When submitting a post, click on the "img" directly above the input box. This will bring up a dialogue box which will allow you to select an image from a URL or local drive when posting a question or ...

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How is reputation shared between Meta and Ask Ubuntu?
Accepted answer
7 votes

Answered my own question when I was browsing around Meta. According to Torbengb's comment here upvotes on Meta do not count towards your reputation score. The link in the comment below by fluteflute ...

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Why are the moderators closing posts?
4 votes

Moderators close posts that are not questions, but rather inflammatory remarks or statements that demand subjective replies. Asking "Why does X suck" isn't a question that is appropriate for this site,...

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How can I find out if my question has been asked before?
1 votes

A search in the search bar, and examining posts with tags through the tags section related to your question should be a good way to check for duplicates. Also google searches should turn up results ...

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