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Joshua Robison
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OCCUPATION: English as Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher in Japan.


  1. Can answer scripting questions related to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery
  2. Can answer design questions related to Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, Gimp, Synfig
  3. Can answer 3D questions related to Blender, Maya, Polygon, Nurbs, SubDivision modeling etc.
  4. Specialize in web design, graphic design, photography video and print

FAMILY: Oldest of two brothers and one sister. Am currently married with no children as of yet :p

INTEREST/HOBBY: Some things I really enjoy in random order are: Playing guitar Playing piano Going on dates with my wife Going to 3d theater with my wife Spending time with friends and with wife Studying Christian philosophy and theology and history Teaching people about God Reading Japanese manga Studying Japanese, Korean, Greek and Hebrew Watching japanese Anime Web design, html5 and css3 3D modeling using Open source software such as BLENDER Digital Photography and Graphic Design Old Christian HYMNs redone Family worship Reformed Theology and theological discussion and debate Neighborhood ecclesiology with christian fellowship and corporate worship based on location rather than association Teaching English to Japanese people


Soteriology: Doctrines of Grace, Three Forms of Unity, TULIP, 5 Solas

Ecclesiology: Neighborhood fellowship, Obedience is worship, The word Ecclesia does not mean church and is usually used by the Jewish writers of the New Testament to refer to the word Qahal in Hebrew which refers to any number of a multitude of people. Spiritually it refers to God's elect multitude who belong to Him and were saved through Jesus' propitiating sacrifice which is often called "the invisible church"

What theologians refer to as "the visible church" is often not explained well and should not refer to "a church" but should refer to believers anywhere living obedient lives of faith whether they are alone in a desert or members of a family or l

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