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I call myself an IT Optimizer, always looking for ways to optimally use whatever IT Infrastructure I have available.

Currently, I work as a Senior DevOps Engineer with KMK Online.

Previously, I've worked as:

  • Head of DevOps & Security of HaloDoc.

  • Head of IT of Zalora Indonesia. Here I oversaw the whole IT Department and be the Project Manager for Country IT Infra.

  • IT Infrastructure & Service Delivery Manager of Sophie Paris. Here I oversaw the teams in charge of all production-level infrastructure, and also the team in charge of doing Tech Support / Help Desk.

  • System Administrators Manager of PT Carrefour Indonesia, Indonesia's largest hyper-retailer. Here I oversaw the management of Windows- and Linux-based infrastructure throughout the country.

  • IT Manager of Infrastructure at PT Panin Sekuritas Tbk, one of Indonesia's leading securities companies. Here I design, deploy, and maintain 'next-generation IT Infrastructure' (secure, highly-available, and performant).

  • Senior instructor for the CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, and CEH certifications.

If you want to communicate with me, feel free to circle me on Google+.

Also, ALL original source snippets I post on the Stack Exchange Network (including, but not limited to, Stack Overflow and ServerFault) are dedicated to the public domain. Do with them as you see fit. If your jurisdiction does not honor, or does not have the concept of, public domain, then alternatively (at your discretion) you may consider my codes as being released under the CC0 License.

My PGP Key Fingerprint is: 535A 7B4A 1E03 818B 415B D639 E3C3 F0C4 ABF8 B8D7

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