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Crossposting to other Stack Exchange sites if question is unanswered on Ask Ubuntu
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15 votes

Cross-posting the same question across StackExchange sites, within a few minutes, definitely seems spammish, to me. If, however, your question hasn't got attention and you can't add more details or ...

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Contact Users seen on AskUbuntu
7 votes

Not every user of Ask Ubuntu wants to be contacted directly. If their email address is in their profile, then I would expect that this would be the user giving implicit permission to be contacted. ...

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Some problems with pro-forma comments
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6 votes

The work around suggested in the answer here appears to be working for me (Thanks @Seth !). The line you want to change in the original script (autoreviewcomments.user.js) is as follows: $('#' + ...

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Rejected all of my edits, left the question un-modified and attached a bounty?
3 votes

Just reworking the questions and adding comments to the answers indicating that some info is out of date can go a long way in keeping answer seekers informed. Occasionally, authors will happily update ...

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How can I revive the pro-forma script after a failed loading of "remote"?
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This appears to have been caused by a typo in the remote source. Thanks to @AmithKK, this was fixed yesterday and the remote scripts are working now. I had experienced the same problem. When running ...

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So, what will be the Final Destiny (4?) of this licensing question?
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I strongly agree with both @Eliah Kagan and @Oli on this issue. Their points are quite relevant and should be taken into account before voting some of these "non-configuration" questions as off-topic. ...

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