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I'm a jack of all trades and master of none when it comes to technology hardware, software, and programming. Fueled by curiosity and interest while driven by personal projects hoping to accomplish some great task, I often learn what needs to be understood to complete a specific task and get sidetracked far enough to educate myself on the matter when needing to understand how it works in order to modify it. But, more often I am found using a collection of answer solutions to construction a program or using bits and pieces of information to figure out how to modify an existing code to do what I want rather than having the ability or know-how to write a program from scratch.

Essentially, I'm a wannabe reverse engineer without an engineer's education.

So, please pardone my ignorance.

Since I want to do certain things I wasn't taught or learned how to do, and because I was raised to not bother other people and be self-reliant, then it's no surprise the irony that I must rely on the open available knowledge provided by others in the forms of answers to questions other people have asked for that education. And, because that upbringing has made me feel it necessary to be ashamed if I have someone else do the things I need done for me, as if implying I am not capable of doing it on my own, then I must learn to do that thing for myself (or until I learn a better way of coping with this restrictive mentality).

They say that when Henry Ford was interviewed and was asked about certain technical questions he could not answer, he would rely on asking one of his employees. When criticized about this, his answer is something I might not remember the exact words to but has left me with this simple lesson: The greatest strength of a team is in its diversity in knowledge and expertise. Henry Ford didn't know every single thing about making cars, he knew about business, and in business it's about hiring the experts to do what they do best so that he could focus on building the business.

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