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To answer both questions with one blithe statement: I don't think we do. Now, that might not be the most useful answer to your question, but I'm speaking as one of the people tasked with attempting to apply this stuff, and largely speaking, keeping the wheels turning. Trying to define solid rules on quorum and then how opinion-de-jour gets applied to the ...


Good question A few thoughts & observations I made over the years: Voting on Meta questions and answers is often not done on strictly rational grounds. Two posts, in fact saying the same, can have opposite voting. Even in a time span of a few days. Although we try to make things generic, questions and answers on meta are often strongly related to, and ...


This occurs on almost every popular SE site. I recommend migrating this to Meta SE. Assuming this issue may affect the meaning of reputation, or cause true disturbance in the system, is quite a stretch. Boosting friends is bad. However... Disclaimer: My experience comes from Stack Overflow, where this behavior is very common. Addressing some of your ...

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