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To add to Zanna's answer, since we are <10k rep users, what I usually do is filter the Close Votes queue to certain criteria of a question I want to vote on. If I take this question as an example: console command or Putty not working "Access denied" in Ubuntu 17 Clicking the close button, I can see that the question is being closed as unclear ...


I'd prefer that too :/ Unfortunately, only mods can do that. See this feature request on Meta Stack Exchange. When I want to find the review of a post, I look at the review history page and scroll through the recent pages to find the post I want (Ctrl+F is helpful), but this page only shows the history of reviews by everyone to users who have >10k ...


On a lighter note, would it be rude to post something like the following comment? Please provide more information. As it stands your question provides insufficient data.

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