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Add icon to the composing editor to format keyboard shortcuts

There's an app for that! https://stackapps.com/q/3341/17253 And an extension, too: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kbd-button-for-stack-exch/ignlodfdkifdjomipiamkaaoiokkjlok And here's ...
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ordered list format feature request -- subtopic numbering

Two points: I can see the merits to the style you are proposing. But we're not going to change our Markdown implementation to support them. For one thing, most posts don't need (or benefit from) ...
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Is it possible to control font size?

If you're talking about per-text size changes, there's some basic things you can do. For large text, you can use a # before the text. #Hello_World goes to Hello_World It needs to be on its own line. ...
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Coloured Text to highlight emphasis

I doubt this is intentional – it‘s syntax highlighting, which in this case was added automatically when the question was tagged python, see its Tag Info page: Code Language (used for syntax ...
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Add icon to the composing editor to format keyboard shortcuts

I suggest positioning the keyboard shortcut icon right after the Emphasis icon, also called the Italics icon, which looks like this: I think it would look a little bit ugly there, but I don't care ...
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Proper use of Bold and Italic text in posts?

We don't need to enforce a style policy about exactly how people should use bold and italics. It is okay for different posts to use different styles. There is no one proper way, nor probably even just ...
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Similar background for Blockquote and Preformatted(code)

I would suggest that we keep the same colour for the quote, but instead just add the rule along the side. I took the line colouring from the yellow one on Meta.SE- it goes from (33,255,241) to (35,...
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ordered list format feature request -- subtopic numbering

Doing something like this leads down a path I will (lovingly) refer to as formatting hell. In my personal opinion, not everything needs to be a list, and we shouldn't be encouraging sublists any more ...
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ordered list format feature request -- subtopic numbering

This could be done using Stylish, say with CSS (in Mozilla-compatible format for Stylish) like so: @-moz-document domain("askubuntu.com") { ol ol li { list-style-type: upper-roman; } ol ol ol li {...
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