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Suggested tag wiki edit proposes a new tag for a 3rd party software package - should I approve?

I feel this particular tag wiki edit should be rejected. In general, consider approving edits to tag wiki if the tag is popular (minimum 5 questions tagged). If there is only one question with that ...
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6 votes

Why were my Tag Wiki edit suggestions rejected (and is it acceptable to copy-paste the Tag Wikis from SO?

I'm afraid both your original suggestions and the new ones added by the editor should all have been rejected. The point of a tag wiki excerpt isn't to explain the tag's subject, it is to explain how ...
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4 votes

The [format] tag has a broad scope. What should we do?

You're right, the tag covers too much (file format and formatting a drive are barely if at all related), and is being used even for other types of "format" like date format and text format. ...
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3 votes

Do we need "support"?

While I would not go so far as to say that the posts in support have nothing in common with each other at all, I do not think grouping them with this tag is useful. The questions fall into three ...
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The [format] tag has a broad scope. What should we do?

There already is a tag hard-drive that is "Questions about hard drives, configuring and formatting them." format includes questions about things like SD cards and flash memory, which aren't ...
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