Since you have removed the only question tagged cpupower-command, it will go away some time around 04:00 UTC tomorrow. No reason to make it a synonym or anything else after that. Also, do remember to add a tag excerpt or wiki to the tag you created.


I prefer screen-resolution for reasons related to how multihead works nowadays. X11, the protocol underlying graphics in Ubuntu until it switches to Mir, defines a "screen" as a single surface that has a resolution and a "display" as the set of screens managed by an X server. (See "multihead" in another distro's wiki.) Thus my netbook has one "display" that ...


I don't see any reason for moving a group of questions about a specific topic (software uninstallation) into a more general category (the uninstall tag). If your goal is to make a more fitting tag for those questions about the uninstallation of software, retag them as software-uninstall if they're tagged uninstall, if they all can't be merged.


I'm not sure where the ip address tag should be used. I know what it means, but I feel that all the possible topics are well addressed with the networking and related tags. There have been questions about using ip addresses range with iptables, something that doesn't have to do with the underlaying internet protocol but just with the functionality of ...


I think this command isn’t worth an own tag at all – a quick search showed just a bunch of questions mentioning the command, not more. I vote to delete the tag(s).

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