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Merge request: [cpupower-command] -> [cpupower]

Since you have removed the only question tagged cpupower-command, it will go away some time around 04:00 UTC tomorrow. No reason to make it a synonym or anything else after that. Also, do remember to ...
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Merge [resolution] into [something-resolution]

I prefer screen-resolution for reasons related to how multihead works nowadays. X11, the protocol underlying graphics in Ubuntu until it switches to Mir, defines a "screen" as a single surface that ...
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Merge tags [video-driver] and [gpu-drivers]?

I have found a quiet moment to merge the tags and after some thought I did the following: Created a tag for gpu-driver and as a temporary measure filled the tag details in from the older tag video-...
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Is the scope of hard-drive tag and drive tag similar?

Examining the questions in the drive tag reveals that its scope is, as might be expected, broader than the scope of hard-drive. After all there are various types of drives that wouldn't usually be ...
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Can we merge the ip and ip-address tags?

I'm not sure where the ip address tag should be used. I know what it means, but I feel that all the possible topics are well addressed with the networking and related tags. There have been questions ...
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Merge request: [cpupower-command] -> [cpupower]

I think this command isn’t worth an own tag at all – a quick search showed just a bunch of questions mentioning the command, not more. I vote to delete the tag(s).
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