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19 votes

Let's burninate [mint]

We also have various windows tags as well as e.g. macosx, kali or debian although we do not support questions that are specific to those foreign operating systems. Their main purpose are dual-boot ...
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5 votes

I think we should block the [freeze] tag

I think we should allow the freeze tag to exist and change the usage guidance. Freezes are a common problem with some specific known causes and that can often be resolved with specific courses of ...
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5 votes

Fix the Linux tag blacklist

This is now fixed and active. Ping me if there are problems down the line.
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3 votes

Please block the [help] tag on AU Meta

As noted in my comment above, the tag hasn't actually been recreated since it was blocked, so there doesn't appear to be a need to block the tag at this time. If it does end up getting inappropriately ...
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