This is done. Attempting to use this tag - or edit any post that currently uses it - will result in the following error: Which also links to this discussion: Should we split the installation tag into seperate tags for the installation of Ubuntu and the installation of software? Y'all might want to add further guidance there.


We also have various windows tags as well as e.g. macosx, kali or debian although we do not support questions that are specific to those foreign operating systems. Their main purpose are dual-boot questions where there are issues having both Ubuntu or one of its official flavours installed together, but other common use cases include questions about networks ...


No tags ending in error or errors are allowed now. Those that existed have been removed.


This is now fixed and active. Ping me if there are problems down the line.


The error tag has gotten to the point where mods should probably ask SE employees to blacklist it. That's how tag blacklisting is achieved. This tag seems to come back slowly--a couple posts here and there. But I can't deny it keeps coming back. Furthermore, it doesn't seem like discussion of it on meta has kept it from returning. It might even be coming ...


TL;DR Wubi was only "discontinued" by a very strange sense of that term, as it continues shipping on official Ubuntu ISOs and working. Furthermore, even if we were to consider Wubi unsupported starting with 13.04, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS remains supported and won't be end-of-life for about 2.5 more years. Now for the details... Some background information on ...


This tag is far too tenacious. The links seen on thing page point to its recurring attack, and it is just too general. However, I fear that blacklisting it could open tags like error-handling up to misuse for general errors, not specifically error handlers. In fact, it already is being a little mishandled(no bad pun intended) in this way.


Burned and blacklisted - both black and black-screen. Please care for the widows and orphans.


IMHO it's a useless tag. We should burn it in favor of the more specific tags 12.04, 14.04, etc. I have to agree with @NathanOsman when he says "I can't think of a legitimate reason for using this tag that wouldn't be covered by something more specific."


No! We don't want or need a post tag. Why? The term is clearly ambiguous and in my opinion unlikely to be a favourite. As it seems to me that tags are used to locate questions within ones area of expertise and there doesn't appear to be a common thread linking any of the questions utilizing the word post or any of it's derivatives I think that tag and ...


I think that the confusion exist because the "post" tag does not have meaning or the possible meanings are misleading : are we talking about the act "to post" or the content ? If we are talking about the act, a tag "posting" should be better and yes the question you mentioned fits in. It can be helpful to have a tag like this one. If we are talking about ...

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