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What is the preferred way to add a numbered list using markdown?

tl;dr: Output matters, the rest is up to you. You’re free to use whatever numbering scheme you want as long as it gives the correct output. There is no preferred way, and this is good – needlessly ...
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Can chat get a redesign? Please?

Chat has never been a priority for SE but if that changes and they decide they want to put some work into it, then I would say that the absolute least important thing to do would be this kind of ...
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What is the preferred way to add a numbered list using markdown?

Markdown is not perfect, but we can't expect everyone to know LaTeX, so markdown is the easy way for the most common denominator to be able to produce something readable. :-) Your answer wasn't ...
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UI has been changed?

Whether or not you consider a design choice is an improvement is up to you. That said, see the Stacks GitHub repo* releases section, and specifically the changelog for each release. That specific ...
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Is there a style guide for these Ask Ubuntu lists?

Well, it is all there. See when Asking a Question: Quick Help as text below tool bar Link to (same link I give in comment) Help Center, search for "format&...'s user avatar
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