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tl;dr: Output matters, the rest is up to you. You’re free to use whatever numbering scheme you want as long as it gives the correct output. There is no preferred way, and this is good – needlessly limiting people’s ability to produce the desired output serves no purpose and can even be harmful: Too many rules alienate users from writing posts, and that’s ...


I present to you one possible vision of bringing together the new StackExchange and Ask Ubuntu designs, Featuring: New Bar maintaining the designer's vision of a single color for all sites A gradual transition using Canonical Mid Aubergine, indicating a Mix of consumer and enterprise focus. The space above the bar is removed The dotted background is ...


Markdown is not perfect, but we can't expect everyone to know LaTeX, so markdown is the easy way for the most common denominator to be able to produce something readable. :-) Your answer wasn't revised for no apparent reason: all edits need to be approved by 2 reviewers unless the reviewer edits it himself. So ubashu probaly saw your edit as the perfect edit ...


There are two obvious possibilities: ^--- The StackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™ takes precedence. ^--- The Ubuntu bar takes precedence.


I'm pretty sure this has to do with how Stack Exchange calls the font family. I edited the element's CSS to test: Named Ubuntu: Named Ubuntu Regular Named UbuntuRegular (no space) Note how the lack of fall-back families causes these characters to be shown in Serif font. (I'm on Windows, and also have the Ubuntu font installed.) I'd say the family ...


Thanks for sharing this bug. This bug affected a number of Stack Exchange communities, one of which was Ask Ubuntu. The problem arose because the disabled buttons, by default, only changes the background-color. For most community designs, this is fine because only a background color is set for buttons. However some communities, such as Ask Ubuntu, use ...


Well, it is all there. See when Asking a Question: Quick Help as text below tool bar Link to https://askubuntu.com/editing-help (same link I give in comment) Help Center, search for "format" or "MarkDown" this is how it is called (An advanced alternative of the legacy BBCode). Many editors in Ubuntu support it. How do I format my posts ...


Now that the new SE top bar is live it appears that the dark color does not quite fit to the otherwise so nicely made design of our page. Playing a bit with the colors a Canonical aubergine may feel more familiar: Dark Aubergine #2C001E Mid Aubergine #5E2750


Especially when the question asked has several sub-questions or when the answering person wants to address single points of the question this format seems fine. It helps the reader to focus on the part that’s relevant for her. If the rendering of the subtitles is optimal is another point (I personally don't care for big bold)


I usually gently encourage one question at a time and try to help anyway. Some questions are really logical to hold in that kind of format like Broadcom Wireless troubleshooting. Do I think it's a good pattern to have for many questions? No. Do I think there are instances where it's good? Yes.


Works fine in Firefox 27 on Ubuntu 13.10 (also no noticeable problems on Fedora, Windows 7, mainly using Firefox + the ever hated Internet Explorer) : On Meta AskUbuntu: On Ask Ubuntu: It should be fine, just a combination of Windows plus Chrome being daft. You could also try downloading and installing the Ubuntu font from here using this (with ...

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