I agree. Some even have both; seems overkill to me. And it is 767 :=)


Invoking the great powers of JNat, this issue has been resolved smoothly. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


I agree that this needed unmerged, so I poked this up to The Great and Powerful Shog for unmerging. The questions have been unmerged because they are substantially different from each other. Edit the questions accordingly to make them noticeably different please :) status-completed by CMs (Shog9)


This is done now. status-completed


As emulation has at least a sensible excerpt while emulator has none I agree with your proposal to keep emulation and make emulator a synonym.


This merge really does seem to have been done in error and the resulting situation seems very confusing for visitors. The questions are not only not exact duplicates, but also the target is far less general than the origin and different enough from it that even reversing the direction of closure would be unsatisfactory. I cannot see any alternative to un-...


When a commonly used canonical question does not serve its intended purpose it is appropriate to create a new dupe target, including by unmerging an existing merged question that would be a better dupe target than the existing canonical question. The benefit of unmerging in this case is that it preserves the upvotes that the existing merged question received ...


This issue was marked status-completed up on Meta.SE, indicating this issue has been fixed network wide 15 hours ago.


This is fixed as discussed at https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/353280/235711. This was only happening when you entered the review step using the Enter key, due to a competing submit event listener.


Beside what you have proposed is completely logical, if we look up other sites on the network we can see others are taking the same approach. Stack Overflow: emulation main tag. emulator synonym. So... Yeah.


Moderators are more than capable of handling questions in this case. This question was migrated and before VTCers came by and addressed it, the bounty was posted. To that end, the bounty was removed and the question force-closed by moderator diamond, therefore the 'migration' on SO's side will show up as "rejected".


My request is status-completed now, thank you Oli!

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