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Homepage spammed

You have 101 reputation on AU, which was obtained for being a trusted user on other SE sites. You clearly don't even use AU, so why are you posting about this here? How can you claim to have knowledge ...
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Has anyone noticed some questions on Ask Ubuntu that are totally unrelated to Ubuntu?

The entire Stack Exchange network is under constant attack by spammers. You just happened to visit at an unfortunate time -- these posts are often deleted within minutes if not seconds. The Charcoal ...
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Please fix spam detection

CJK characters were blocked on Ask Ubuntu in response to a wave of spam. The message is intentionally misleading, to discourage the spammers from just working around it. I've removed the block for ...
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10 votes

Why my spam flag has been declined?

The answer in question is not considered spam for several reasons. I will be quoting from Seth's answer on the related post about what constitutes spam to analyze this. Advertisement Is this an ...
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7 votes

Why did 'the system identify' a high quality post 'as possible spam' in review audit?

It wasn't identified as spam, on the contrary, it was identified as high quality and that's why it was used in a review audit. Review audits are there to stop "robo reviewing": people who ...
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Please fix spam detection

According to Wikipedia, the llama is a quadruped. Edit: That posted fine. I wonder if this was a temporary bug that is now fixed.
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Has anyone noticed some questions on Ask Ubuntu that are totally unrelated to Ubuntu?

The post you might be referring to is this. (MS Link) moreover divided among white and yellow, the amino acids that make up the egg proteins are especially well assimilated thru the human body. in ...
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