I see the arguments and I agree that some things are better off done in other places (hence our various closure policies) but we are tech support and we're not the only ones. Almost every Stack Exchange site handles the stuff you hate in some form or another... We all also handle better more interesting stuff too. I've made my thoughts on how we filter out ...


A lot of the questions asked nowadays are purely tech support questions - people dump a crash log or error message on us, give us little information about what they are even trying to do, and then expect us to find a solution for them. Mostly, these users don't stay or come back either, and just want their "question" answered. This, of course, ...


Somebody mentioned cupcakes and I was bored. 1920x1080 Now am hungry and bored! The image of cupcakes was found at imgur after googling ubuntu cupcakes.The image used can be found http://i.imgur.com/3Bqc8.jpg which after using gimp to add "All you have to do is Ask @ ask ubuntu logo" then resizing and export as png.


2560x1600 I have taken the stock wallpaper for Raring and overlaid the Ask Ubuntu logo (with some lens flare effects and patterns). For attribution purposes: this image uses a modified version of the default Ubuntu wallpaper on Raring (13.04). It is released (by me) under an identical license.


The full version of my answer is here, I'm not going to repeat myself, and I also read your other post. About this post, I totally agree with you, I stand by what I said in my other answer. I just want to comment on this: We need to get rid of this tech support impression. We're not tech support. We're here to help solve problems on a working Ubuntu, ...


Here's a thought. Why not force the reading of the how to ask page for new questioners on the site? (Not Rep based but visit based) Say new user, (last seen never) goes to ask a question clicks on the ask a question link gets routed to the how to ask page which must be read in order to continue to the question box. We could take the same approach for a ...


If you guys think this is a problem *tell noobs * when they join cause that's the basic impression I got when I joined but if that impression was wrong, tell us noobs when we first join.

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