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12 votes

[warning]: questionable tag detected

I would agree that the warning is pointless and while I don't follow specific tags personally I don't see warning as being useful to anyone. I support the idea of eliminating warning entirely and have ...
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8 votes

Replace 'zoom' tag with 'magnification' (synonymise + merge)?

Alternate suggestion: use zooming for zooming in and out and continue using zoom-meeting for the meeting app. Nuke the zoom tag, don't keep it, don't synonymise it and don't allow it to be created ...
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7 votes

Should [messages] be sent to /dev/null?

The tag usage guidance: Goes often with "log" or a name of a program that gives the message. Is usually a symptom of a problem, and for some, the only thing they have by which they can search for ...
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4 votes

Should [messages] be sent to /dev/null?

Since /var/log/messages doesn't even exist by default in Ubuntu (14.04 & 16.04 checked) I don't think the log argument is a relevant reason for retaining this tag. The only possible use for this ...
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3 votes

Can we merge the ip and ip-address tags?

I'm not sure where the ip address tag should be used. I know what it means, but I feel that all the possible topics are well addressed with the networking and related tags. There have been questions ...
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2 votes

Replace 'zoom' tag with 'magnification' (synonymise + merge)?

I'm not sure this is a good idea, because the feature of being able to zoom is usually called zoom and not magnification. I think that dedicating the zoom tag to the zoom application would not solve ...
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1 vote

Add tag synonym for [tag:wsl]

This has now been done. All questions previously tagged with wsl are now tagged with windows-subsystem-for-linux and wsl is now a synonym pointing to windows-subsystem-for-linux.
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