I would agree that the warning is pointless and while I don't follow specific tags personally I don't see warning as being useful to anyone. I support the idea of eliminating warning entirely and have managed to edit a few but ran out of time.


Alternate suggestion: use zooming for zooming in and out and continue using zoom-meeting for the meeting app. Nuke the zoom tag, don't keep it, don't synonymise it and don't allow it to be created again.


And it's done. I renamed the only question with retina to retina-display.


I think we should nuke the header tag itself. I went through a dozen or so of questions tagged header, and saw: keep getting kernel 3.19.0-28-generic must be compiled, Where is the header file ptp_clock_kernel.h? were about kernel headers. And kernel says: for questions concerning Ubuntu's kernel, including compiling and questions relating to modules ...


The tag usage guidance: Goes often with "log" or a name of a program that gives the message. Is usually a symptom of a problem, and for some, the only thing they have by which they can search for solution. It is just really unnecessary for people to tag questions as messages; they might have a log message, but in that case they should use the log, so ...


setup is actually a synonym of installation, you have to remove both. Presumably it didn't get merged when the synonymization happened.


Since /var/log/messages doesn't even exist by default in Ubuntu (14.04 & 16.04 checked) I don't think the log argument is a relevant reason for retaining this tag. The only possible use for this tag that I can see is if perhaps someone is looking for how to send a message (or messages) to another user, terminal, or system. Perhaps they are looking for ...


I'm not sure where the ip address tag should be used. I know what it means, but I feel that all the possible topics are well addressed with the networking and related tags. There have been questions about using ip addresses range with iptables, something that doesn't have to do with the underlaying internet protocol but just with the functionality of ...


I'm not sure this is a good idea, because the feature of being able to zoom is usually called zoom and not magnification. I think that dedicating the zoom tag to the zoom application would not solve the problem of the tag being used inconsistently - it would continue to be used for both zooming in and out, and the particular software application. I think the ...


This has now been done. All questions previously tagged with wsl are now tagged with windows-subsystem-for-linux and wsl is now a synonym pointing to windows-subsystem-for-linux.


Unfortunately we aren't allowed to "tweak" tags without creating a new one and synonymizing, but we're also not allowed to create tags that only differ by a hyphen so Migration of tags (live-cd, livedvd) is your only hope ;)


No. ARM is a cpu architecture, ubuntu-on-arm is a distribution of ubuntu made specifically for arm. We don't take ARM (the CPU architecture) related questions but we take Ubuntu running on ARM questions. ARM should be removed and questions retagged to ubuntu-on-arm where applicable. There are couple of questions about installing ARM related tools, those ...

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