I have contributed NO answers that I know of and the 6 questions I have asked over the past year have ZERO answers. In reality, you've posted a total of three answers since your account was on Ask Ubuntu. All three are deleted, as a direct result of review queue votes and flags against your posts about them "not being answers". (Deleted answers ...


You'll see on many posts that are applicable across releases that answers have headers that say, for example: For 13.04 and later Until 12.04 And so on. If you're sure that the post is no longer applicable from a release onwards, add a header stating so (and, hopefully, an answer that's applicable to that release).


Without intending to offend you, your meta post here, and your chat questions make me think you undergo an amnesia from one day to another. So hear my advise revisit your questions, make them good questions so they are good to answer, accept answers where you got good ones, stop deleting questions, have a positive impact on the site, this isn't done within ...

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