Put yourself in my shoes. You'd been a member for years, almost 3000 posts, hundreds of thousands of points of hard-earned reputation. Your account has got you work. It's something you value. Then some scrot hacks your account. Clicks delete. Everything gone. How would you feel? So instead, there's a process. You talk to a real person. They work out if you'...


As jokerdino♦ says, this is because your browser shows links to pages you've visited (via the exact URL the link uses, that is) in one color, and links to pages you haven't visited (in this way) in another color. (This is not related to cookies though.) Specifically, the darker-colored usernames are links to profiles you've visited, and the lighter-color ...


It's not just your questions that would be useful to have fast access to. It's also your answers, and your favorites (i.e., questions you have starred), and the list of all actions that you have done on the site, and the list of all your accounts across the Stack Exchange network, and so forth. That's why your profile exists and why no page on Ask Ubuntu is ...


This was reported on MSE: Opening my own profile page causes a "Something bad happened!" error It is reported to now be fixed: We pushed a change out that was behind a feature flag. Unfortunately, we missed a page that needed to check for that setting...the profile page.


You can find them in your profile on the activities page. On the mobile site, you must scroll down and change the drop down menu to favourites.


I don't really understand what you're asking for. The user ID is rarely useful but for those times when it is needed, all you need to do is go to the user in question's user page and copy the id from the URL:


I have to expand on Braiam's answer by pointing out that blithely copying and pasting in stuff from other websites (even in the tag wikis) is unacceptable. Our Terms of Service stipulate in section 3: You agree that all Subscriber Content that You contribute to the Network is perpetually and irrevocably licensed to Stack Exchange under the Creative ...


You can see your suggestions here https://askubuntu.com/users/199155/daawesomep?tab=activity&sort=suggestions The reason for rejecting the suggestions are explained in the status.


This has been fixed in the source, and will be available after the next deploy. Thanks.


When you open your reputation page, make sure you have Post as the selected sorting in the top right.


This issue seems to be fixed now. The accepted now has a green backgroud color.


It seems that there was a bug in the system. I needed to change my email in the secondary account to something new (instead of blank), then everything worked like it should. INFINITE THANKS TO @Seth. You're the man, man.


Use a png file and use a small one. That's it! ;-)

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