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"Weighted" reputation gains

This feature request has been brought up multiple times on Meta Stack Exchange, and as far as I know it has always been poorly received by the community. I think the main objection is that making ...
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7 votes

How to chat with another user?

You won't find the chat links in user profiles, it is located in the top right on the black bar, in the little stack exchange hamburger "community" menu, it can be a bit hard to find. It is also ...
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6 votes

Why posting meta requires only 5 reputation?

I think you may have a bit of a misunderstanding about what Meta is for, it is not a special place for advanced users to discuss but a help site (just like main) for Ask Ubuntu. "new users can ...
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2k "Review" access lost when reputation has fallen below 2k because of bounties

Reputation points are important. They dictate the various privileges which an individual's account has. Reputation is affected by upvotes, downvotes, deletions, and also your bounties. Loss of ...
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4 votes

Privilege viewer?
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3 votes

Problem of vote restriction

In the real world where we live, this turns out to be an advantage rather than a problem as proven during the several-year-long existence of the Stack Exchange network. If anyone (literally) could ...
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3 votes

"Weighted" reputation gains

I gave the question an uptick, but I'm in the high rep use boat. I don't downvote though. I think it's a solid concern that easy to answer questions can get rep rockets, while hard to answer ...
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2 votes

"Weighted" reputation gains

I don't think that this will be a good idea at all. One caveat I see, if the up-voting is weighted the down-voting should be weighted too. Many of us higher reputation members give out many up and ...
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