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20 votes

Why am I banned from answering?

I have contributed NO answers that I know of and the 6 questions I have asked over the past year have ZERO answers. In reality, you've posted a total of three answers since your account was on Ask ...
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11 votes

I am not able to ask questions on Ask Ubuntu

There's nothing we can do - the limit is automatically imposed by the system and can't be lifted by mods. By the way, you can ask 1 question per week, apparently. See this post which describes the ...
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7 votes

If I get question banned on StackOverflow, will I also get banned on AskUbuntu?

Please see Why are questions no longer being accepted from my account? from the Stack Overflow help center (or the equivalent page of any other SE network site) for more general information about ...
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1 vote

I'm apparently in danger of being blocked... with the most votes being cast on a recent question +1

This answer is broken, but I'll add it anyway. Because the people who make the rules do not allow me to comment, on account my rep is too low, I can not comment, but I can add answers. I know a mod ...
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