Part 0: "New Contributors" Not sure if anyone has noticed, but new users tend to 'add' to questions when they think they have things to add to it. In many cases, they don't really add much to the question or restate things. This is unfortunately a side effect of "new contributors" and we should keep this in mind. Not everyone really reads the age of the ...


I've assembled a wide range of data queries that can be used to pick out questions in need of attention. Questions who have at least 1 answer with no answers exceeding more than 2 votes and no accepted answer. Possible open bug reports Low quality unanswered questions Kill ALL abandoned questions WITH FIRE Show stupid posts Find high scoring posts with out ...


Instead of just trusting flags and closing random stuff up we as moderators need to have a look at the information on the posts before making up your minds. There are many possible actions to be taken and not all posts deserve to be "just closed". For abandoned questions and linked posts on the regulators room I tend to follow these guide lines: Check if ...


If there is no obvious answer to the post then you can: Flag or vote for the post to be closed as too localized, If lacking further information necessary to answer them they can be closed as not really a question.


It's been my experience that leaving a comment is likely enough. The review team is pretty good about closing questions that fit the non-reproducable category. I don't see a need to involve the moderators in something this simple. Mentioning your concerns in the General chat room should be enough to get the team to assist with closing the question.

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