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Can I reuse my own answers outside of Ask Ubuntu?

IANAL but, Material posted on Stack Exchange sites is owned by its author (you) and made available under the CC BY-SA Creative Commons license. As the owner of the material, you are free to do ...
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Can I reuse my own answers outside of Ask Ubuntu?

Yes. Content you create is yours. There was briefly a clause in the Terms and Conditions that —by my reading— had the inadvertent impact of demanding attribution. I also occasionally write technical ...
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13 votes

Correct action for questions in legal grey area

It's not illegal to run OS X in a VM. My government will not care. It may be a breach of the license terms. But that's not our problem. The user should know the license agreement. There is no way we ...
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Am I allowed to use a web crawler on Ask Ubuntu?

If you want actual permission from Stack Exchange Inc, use the contact form. We can really only give you informal advice. Be polite. Don't hammer the server with hundreds of requests per second, don'...
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