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8 votes

Broken links starting with http://%20https://

I reckon this happens sometimes while adding a link using the "insert hyperlink" tool (either by clicking the button or pressing Ctrl+L) instead of using Markdown. The input box contains https:// (...
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Give AskUbuntu its own "magic link": [AU] instead of [ubuntu.SE]

I like this idea and it seems to me to a be reasonable request and quite likely a far from onerous task. [au] seems a reasonable choice to replace [] and I think we could all appreciate ...
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5 votes

What's the reason behind Who runs it?

I don't see the issue here, it was already pointed out that it simply links the default repos, so I won't go over that. As far as I can tell, it is just a facelift for the default repos, it may not ...
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3 votes

Change in domain name

What to do with comments... I don't know if there's a better approach available than just manually removing all the comments that link to the old domain (and have thus become spam) and replacing them,...
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2 votes

Broken links starting with http://%20https://

The problem seems to be caused by copying a link with a preceding space into the Insert Hyperlink dialog. The software adds http:// in front of it and a broken link starting with http://%20https:// is ...
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1 vote

Should Ubuntu Software Center links be edited?

Treat these answers as if version-specific1. For example, we don't want to edit answers for 13.04 release to add information for 18.04 release ( unless it's absolutely necessary and relevant ). Same ...
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1 vote

Should Ubuntu Software Center links be edited?

I'd say it depends on the question. If it is still current it should be fixed. I would rather see someone do this directly on the database instead of editing every question manually. Try not to ...
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