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Just the question. Don't use "plz help!!!!" or even the less neurotic "please help". If you didn't need help, you wouldn't be posting here in the first place. Just end your question with an actual question that asks what you want to ask. Something like: Foo is blah blah blah blah and I need it because blah blah blah. Sadly, I cannot foo ...


It means the question contains tags that you have in your list of "Favorite Tags", which you can see in the right column on the main site.


Before you feel offended, note that you in this post doesn't refer to you specifically. I don't want to see things that don't convey any concrete information towards solving the problem at hand. A non-exhaustive list of things I don't want to see: Hi, please, thanks, thanks in advance, kthxbai, etc. Especially "thanks in advance". Also: your name as a ...


I've found (when I used ubuntu) that even the solutions for older versions were either still relevant or gave me the tools to debug the problem myself. So I don't think dropping entire databases' worth of information is a good idea. As for finding answers for your version I also found putting the version number in my google search helped cut back on out of ...


"Although I'm relatively new to using AskUbuntu..." Welcome! I'll attempt to answer your questions in no particular order. "BTW, I found no appropriate tag for this questions, so I hope it's not OT..." This is definitely the correct tag for your question. "I have, at times, wanted to contact the "leaders" responsible for the direction, decisions and ...


You've already been contacted about this directly. See:


No. Bounty means "get more attention" not "get a sure answer". You throw your money to the guild to see if they can solve your problem, the guild can try but isn't secure. You only paid so you could get the attention, not so your problem gets solved. Sometimes your bounty can go back to you in upvotes to your answer (ie, you placed a 50 rep bounty, got ...


The correct link, that should be used, is: That working link is given in the help center, but this broken link is given in the about page / tour: So to fix this, someone with the ability to edit the about page (moderators?) should change the link there to this.


'No Action Needed' is a decision that you can make if there's nothing to do with a first post. Usually there is; you can upvote or downvote, add a comment, upvote and existing comment, (suggest an) edit or flag the question. Whenever you take one of these actions, the 'No Action Needed' will be disabled and the 'I'm Done' button will be enabled:


If by "last post" you mean this, then you won't see anything in your inbox about this post unless you get replies to it or some other type of interaction (comments, answers, proposed edits, etc.). New posts made by yourself won't show up in your inbox until some trigger happens to make a message in your inbox, and such triggers are typically the things I ...


Because MSO is special. It was the first meta site and handles all the suggestions and bugs for the entire SE network, not just SO. I think if they had the choice to start over, they'd probably make it rep-free like the rest of SE's metas but there you go. There's no going back without annoying a load of people.


More relevant and up-to-date content will be available in places where it is easy to find if posting it is encouraged. Sometimes it is equally as important to reopen canonical closed questions as it was to close them in the first place. Canonical questions are highly upvoted questions about frequently asked subjects. Having open canonical questions is a way ...


The basic thing is to ask the question as if you are asking it to an actual person and let Ask Ubuntu direct it to an interested person. Research on the question before hand should be a must (In the Guidelines) and saying is (almost not Scholar work wink!). Worrying about your knowledge level is not useful since we are here to learn from each other. Expect ...

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