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ubunut, Nutty Nautilus


unbootu, when you cancel an upgrade halfway through


Meme: "pulling a terdon" Originator: terdon ♦ Examples: "let's not pull a terdon" "Let's not pull a Terdon here." "I promise to never pull a Terdon :p" Background: Our dear friend (and moderator) terdon inadvertently assisted a poor user in deleting his home directory. Terdon was quick to own up to his mistake and as ...


ubunaut, Astro Linux


ubantu, no Ubuntu for u Example:


ubutuna, something's fishy....


Meme: Zanna is awesome! Originator: Serg, Rinzwind, ... Examples: Serg: " @Zanna without any jokes, you're awesome. " (2016-09-27) Rinzwind: "ZANNA YOU ARE AWESOME" (2016-09-27 ★8) Zacharee1: "oh @Zanna, did you know you're awesome?" (2016-09-28 ★4) Kaz Wolfe: "Also, @Zanna is awesome." (2016-09-28 ★5) Zacharee1: &...


ubunru, in Soviet Linux ubunru installs you


ubutnu, the butt of a gnu Example:


Meme: bacon Originator: George Edison Examples: "I'd rather die full of bacon than not full of bacon." "BACON WRAPPED IN BACON." "They may take our GitHub. They may take our projects. They may even take our dignity. But they will never take our bacon!" "Is Jono Bacon the closest thing Ubuntu will ever have as bacon?" ...


nfunpn, don't actually try to read it upside-down


unubtu, the Ubuntu n00b


ubootu, scaaaary


ubutun, PRESS IT Example:


Meme: The Starboard Originator: Ask Ubuntu Chat Examples: "Lol" "Yeah, people here will star any old thing. Here, just watch." "test" "Star this, for no reason at all." "." (yes, that last one is a single dot) Background: The absolute easiest place to get the Outspoken badge is right here in Ask Ubuntu General, because literally anything will ...


Meme: Getting Eliah'd Originator: FEichinger (??) Background: Eliah Kagan is known (and loved) for posting long and well researched answers on both main and meta. His answers are so long and well researched that you don't bother disagreeing with Eliah, you just admit he has you beat. If you are writing an answer when Eliah posts one, there's no point. ...


Meme: Chaos / Darkness (and other joinings of these two) Originator: Thomas Ward Background: In recent days, one of our moderators, Thomas Ward took some D&D tests to determine his alignment, and ended up Chaotic Neutral/Evil. He's since taken a liking to the terms "Chaos" and "Darkness" in regular greetings, or when doing some moderator-ly actions. ...


ubunto, have you seen Madagascar? Example:


Meme: nubcake Originator: edwinksl Examples: "rare to see seth be such a nubcake" -- Originator "at least im not a nubcake like @Seth" "If you're alive, you're a nubcake. No exceptions." "Yep, and I can't. I'm probably gonna be like "lol gtfo nubcake, ban hammer in yo face" Variant Forms: "Oops. I've been ...


Meme: systemd is evil Originator: htorque Background: systemd is not generally well-liked by everyone in the room. In fact, due to its invasive nature, systemd is generally well-hated. It is used as the brunt of jokes and blamed for all things wrong in Ubuntu. Examples: "Glares in systemd's corner..." "Systemd just kills all of our hopes and ...


Ubunntu, the Linux for bunnies Example:


uboontu, a gift


Summary of Oct. 13, 2013 Game I thought I ought to write a brief summary of what happened with our scheduled game. Five users (including myself) showed up: Me and my brother Mateo user320 John One team consisted of two players and two AI bots and the other team consisted of three players and one AI bot. Unfortunately, there were a few issues: Some ...


Meme: hue Originator: TheWanderer Background: if someone is being an exceptional nubcake, a user may immediate reply with "hue", a reference to this meme. Bonus points stars for creating a pun with the word. Examples: "Cue the glue whose hue gave Sue her due." "never gonna hue you up, never gonna hue you down, never gonna hue around, and hue you" ...


Ubentu, when your system is a little broken: Sources:

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