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Ask Ubuntu on mobile has an extremely large font size

This is supposedly a fixed bug: Mobile font-size way too large. But with caching involved, it may take a while to go away, and which sites you see it on is a matter of timing. I don't see the problem ...
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3 votes

Printing Ask Ubuntu pages

You may prefer the view shown by StackPrinter, which is an unofficial, community-maintained site that obtains and hosts copies of posts from Stack Exchange sites (with proper attribution) though Stack ...
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2 votes

Printing Ask Ubuntu pages

Printing a web page is more related to your choice of browser to Ask Ubuntu itself. :-) E.G. I'm currently using FireFox and that has an "Enter Reader View" mode in the address bar like this: (The ...
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Visual bug using accent marked characters

I remember this problem, and I don't know what caused it. Fortunately, this bug seems to have gone away, perhaps due to a site redesign. It looks like this now in Chromium in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS [60.0....
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